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Communication is our specialty. Speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and social communication is our jam. Some of us are specialists in feeding (eating).


In early intervention we usually do therapy through play and daily routines, getting parents involved to make sure children receive the intensity required to make progress we’re proud of!

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Occupational Therapists know all about activities of daily living. In early intervention this includes dressing, eating, playing, sleeping, toileting, and how to support children’s behaviour.


We help parents understand their child’s sensory needs and put strategies in across the day to improve a child’s regulation skills.

Healthy Eating


We are the nutrition experts! Dietitians help parents provide their child with nutritional food to stimulate growth and development.

​Dietitians can help children who have restricted diets due to sensory differences, swallowing issues or allergies, are outside the recommended weight range, or have failure to thrive.


Music Groups

Music Moves: For children who like to dance and move to music. An Occupational Therapist and Music Therapist provides strategies to help their child regulate their body using music.

Music Talks: For children who can remain seated in a group environment. A Speech Pathologist and Music Therapist use music and singing to improve their child’s communication skills.

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Parent Training Programs

Parents are raving about our Hanen Programs! Run by skilled Speech Pathologists these intensive 12 week programs give parents techniques to help their child’s communication skills.

It Takes Two to Talk: For parents of toddlers and pre-school children with delayed language development.

More than Words: For parents of toddlers and pre-school children with delayed communication development.

TalkAbility: For parents of children with average language skills but have social communication difficulties.

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Tiny Dots

A short term, specialist pilot program for infants and toddlers (under 2 years of age) designed to help them thrive by accessing early intervention. Research says that the earlier therapy begins, the better, so lets start now!


The program is run by senior Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists who provide assessment, referral and short-term intervention.


Clinic Visits


While home and community visits are often a preferred location for services, you are also welcome to attend therapy sessions in our clinic. We are located at South Barwon Community Centre in Belmont.



Therapy can be anywhere


Education / Corporate Training

We are different to other programs because our focus is on applying knowledge. Therefore, training in this personalised manner supports your team to implement the strategies.

At Dot to Dot, we recognise that every learning environment is different and strategies from generic workshops can be hard to implement in your own space. Learning in our natural environment works best. We know this for our children but forget about ourselves. At Dot to Dot we do it differently.

We come to you.

We will explore your environment and the challenges your team experiences. 

With your input, we'll choose questions or topics to discuss, then Dot to Dot will create and provide a workshop designed specifically for you.Your program can include presentations, group discussions,  activities,  observation and individual feedback.


We can set up a mentoring program so staff may contact Dot to Dot with questions and together we can develop strategies to manage the situation.

Our workshops can be held at our location in Belmont or in your own space.

Contact us to discover how this could work for you.