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Funding and Fees

Our prices are the same whether an assessment or intervention is provided.

Reports are written based upon each child's unique needs and the cost is determined through discussion with families prior to being charged. If you have any questions, please call us.


We follow the NDIA pricing guide.

We charge per hour of support and intervention. This allows us to be responsive and flexible to your child's needs. For example, if a report is required, the costs are equal to the time spent writing it.

As per NDIA legislation, travel costs are determined based on the time it takes to visit the location. 

Please contact us to discuss your child's needs and we shall provide a quote.


Dot to Dot is proud to be an NDIS registered organisation. We meet the high quality standards expected by the NDIS.


When your child is NDIS funded our first session is an information session. Two of our therapists attend the first session. One will get to know your child and the other (free of charge) will speak with you to discuss:

  • Your child

  • How we could work with you

  • Your rights to an advocate

  • Your privacy and confidentiality rights

  • How to give feedback and send complaints


If you feel we are right for you, we both sign our service agreement and commence early intervention!


Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan

What is it?

A plan which allows you to claim a Medicare rebate for Allied Health Services, including Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy for $52.95 per session for 5 sessions

Where do I get one?

From your General Practitioner (GP) Doctor​

Who can have one? 

Anyone with a health or developmental difficulty that is likely to last for more than six months. This includes, but is not limited to: stuttering, language delay, speech, gross and fine motor delay.

How many can I have? 

One plan (5 sessions) per calendar year. 

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