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Hanen Programs

The Hanen programs involve:

1 evening orientation session

8-9 evening training sessions with a small group of parents

A Hanen Certified Speech Pathologist running the program

A pre-program visit for you and your child with the Speech Pathologist

3-4 individual visits for you and your child with the Speech Pathologist


Practical strategies you can use anytime, anywhere

An evidence-based, reputable program 

A chance to connect with other parents

“My son has made incredible strides due to your program. He has surprised a lot of people. What I really love about the program is that we are taught to work with our children. After all, a Speech Pathologist may see them once a week, but we are with them around the clock, so if we can help with their speech it is actually a more beneficial situation for the children. Your course is invaluable and a must-do for parents, relatives and friends. I am forever grateful” 
– Debra, mother of 4-year-old Anthony

“After my child learned to talk, I didn’t know what to do next – I just knew he needed more help. The TalkAbility program gave me 1000 new ideas on how to help him progress to the next level, both in his conversation and play with other children. He still plays with the little boy he met through the program. 
- Tracy, mother of Aiden

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More than Words

Children aged 1-6 (contact us to discuss your child) who have trouble focusing on people. You will learn how to:

  • Encourage your child to communicate

  • Develop back and forth interactions through talking and gestures

  • Improve your child’s play skills

  • Help your child understand their surroundings

  • Begin to make friends

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It Takes Two to Talk

Children aged 1-4 (contact us to discuss your child) who are tuning into people but are not using language to communicate. You will learn how to:

  • Motivate your child to communicate verbally

  • Help your child use words

  • Expand your child’s vocabulary

  • Start to link words together into phrases and short sentences

  • Improve your child’s understanding of language

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Children aged 4-9 (contact us to discuss your child) with social communication difficulties. You will learn how to:

  • Help your child to have back-and-forth conversations

  • Encourage your child to pay attention to the social messages people send non-verbally

  • Help your child tune in to what other people are thinking

  • Help your child tell stories and play imaginatively

  • Help your child make friends

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