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Grow your child's future

Our mission: To give families the knowledge, skills and confidence to find their children’s strengths, so they can engage and learn.

Our team of dedicated staff use therapy techniques that can be done during everyday activities in a fun, natural way. 

Research proves that a child's development is most greatly influenced by the people they spend the most time with. 

We will show you how to help your child develop - this way, progress is faster! 

The Key Worker Model

We believe a holistic approach to therapy is most effective. This is the Key Worker Model. 

Your Key Worker will: 

  • Work with you to create goals for your family

  • Help you decide what supports are needed

  • Collaborate with our therapy team (brain trust) 

  • Monitor the use of NDIS funding allocation

Diversity Strengthens Us

Dot to Dot is proud of its multicultural team. Our team members perform at Australian standards with recognised degrees and experience.


Values: Authenticity, Equity, Compassion, Learning & Honesty

Speech Pathology

Laura Harvey

Speech Pathologist / Director

Laura has extensive experience working in hospitals, schools, community centres, Speech Pathology clinics and early intervention organisations. Laura created Dot to Dot after realising her dream workplace did not exist. Laura dreamed of providing high quality therapy amongst a team of dedicated therapists focussed on empowering parents and caregivers to achieve the greatest outcomes for children. Laura loves her job and has done further study in; early language development, social communication, picky eating, speech sound disorders, sensory processing, behaviour support strategies, stuttering, and alternative communication methods (e.g. devices). Laura's professional knowledge and experience allows her to see children and families holistically which improves the outcomes of children. Laura has an energetic and playful personality. She loves reading, spending time with her family, long distance running and eating ice-cream.

Fern Gan

Speech Pathologist

Fern is passionate and excited to make positive difference to individuals with a range of abilities, enabling them to express themselves, connect with others, be heard and respected. Fern has experience working in not-for profit and private practice settings and has provided therapy services for young children to adults across various settings. Fern values working within the individual’s natural environment and uses strengths-based approach. Fern has a special interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Early Language development and feeding. Outside of work, Fern is a foodie, enjoys being at the beach, plays underwater hockey, and currently learning to surf.

Victoria Roache

Senior Speech Pathologist

Victoria is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young children and their families. Victoria has a warm, empathetic and pragmatic approach to therapy and enjoys the collaborative process of the therapy journey, firmly believing in the power and impact of Early Intervention in the younger years. Victoria has worked across governmental, not-for-profit and private practice settings and has provided therapy services for babies, children and young adults with developmental delays and disabilities. Victoria has a special interest in Early Language development and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). In her spare time Victoria enjoys going for walks with her two dogs, growing plants from seeds or cuttings from her garden, and is a keen baker!

Cathy Fernandez

Speech Pathologist

Cathy has always envisioned herself working with children early on. She is fascinated with children’s curiousness and their innocence, which led her to loving being in this profession. She has worked in various settings for almost 17 years: therapy clinics, school, hospital and community-based rehabilitation centers. She is very passionate about helping children find their voices and be heard. As she has worked across different settings and with people from all walks of life, she constantly seeks growth and is always willing to learn new things. She was also active in joining medical missions and outreach programs in helping kids with special needs all over the Philippines. Cathy loves to spend time with family and friends. Outside work, Cathy also loves to travel. She enjoys exploring new places, trying out different cuisines and learning about different cultures. She also loves being in the kitchen, cooking and trying out new recipes during her free time.

Morgan Hanke

Speech Pathologist

Morgan completed a Masters of Speech Pathology at The University of Melbourne after finding and being fascinated by linguistics and communication during her previous Bachelor of Arts studies. Morgan has a diverse range of interest areas in the speech pathology field and has early career experience working with clients across the lifespan in private practice. She is excited to support children and collaborate with families through early intervention and looks forward to delving deeper into the world of feeding and AAC. In her free time, Morgan loves trying new hobbies. At the moment you might find Morgan in a yoga/Pilates studio, trying out a new watersport, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or tending to her native fruit plants in the garden.

Amber Li

Speech Pathologist

Amber's heartfelt dedication to supporting children and their families springs from her core belief that every child deserves a life of quality. She's all about embracing the beauty of neurodiversity and firmly advocates for celebrating differences. With a keen interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, stuttering, and early language development, she's on a mission to make a difference as a speech pathologist. Before diving into speech pathology, Amber spent five enriching years in early childhood education, which paved the way for her career shift. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, she's especially passionate about supporting families from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. When Amber is not at work, you will find her tending to her plants, perfecting her Pilates poses, or on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Team

Values: Authenticity, Equity, Compassion, Learning & Honesty

We collaborate. 

Occupational Therapy

Rebecca Dillon

Senior Occupational Therapist

Rebecca has experience working with children and young adults in private practice, government, and early intervention settings. She has a passion in supporting children and families to reach their full potential. Rebecca is a strong advocate for supporting families and putting them at the center of the decision making process. She enjoys working with children because she gets to use play as a tool to help their development. Rebecca values working within the child’s natural settings and using a strengths-based approach. Rebecca has an interest in supporting child development within the areas of feeding, play and emotional development. Outside of work Rebecca enjoys running, yoga, visiting family and friends, and spending time with her energetic Border Collie.

Kira Kinsey

Occupational Therapist

Kira believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and to lead lives full of happiness and laughter. Originally from the Geelong area, Kira completed her studies on the Gold Coast where she has gained experience working with children and teenagers as well as running a variety of group programs including surfing and boxing. Kira has also worked with children by supporting them to experience and enjoy ocean and water activities with confidence! Outside of work Kira spends her spare time staying active, surfing, camping, swimming, creating art and taking time connecting to country.

Sheridan Billings

Occupational Therapist

Sheridan worked as a special education teacher for over 10 years before making a shift to Occupational Therapy to work with families and their children in order to support them to be the best version of themselves. Sheridan has additional qualifications in working with children with ASD and has experience working with children who have a variety of health conditions, needs, and abilities. Sheridan is passionate about collaborating with families to enable and empower them to engage in the things they want to do or need to do. Sheridan's most valued role is 'Mum', raising four children and a pug, with her husband. She enjoys cooking, gardening, crochet, knitting, tapestry, jigsaw puzzles, going to the beach, and playing with her children. ​ Sheridan has been a professional musician, mostly playing Irish and folk music, performing at festivals and in many venues across Victoria as a singer/guitarist in various bands and as a solo artist. In recent years, since having children, Sheridan has shifted musical genres to rocking out a mean version of the likes of Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Rebecca Dyson

Occupational Therapist

Rebecca completed her studies in Melbourne. Following this, she gained experience in private practice working with children aged up to 18 years. However, Rebecca was always eager to support children in an early intervention setting. Rebecca has an interest in working with children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, play skills and social-emotional development. Rebecca is passionate about working in collaboration with families to support children’s development. Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys being at the beach, keeping active through yoga, weightlifting, boxing and running, spending time with family and friends and reading.

Kelly Wurfel​

Occupational Therapist

Kelly is a passionate and enthusiastic Occupational Therapist who loves helping others achieve their goals. Kelly has experience working in private practice supporting individuals across all ages and various health conditions within the aged care, NDIS, and TAC sector, however, she has a passion to support children in early intervention. Kelly has an interest in supporting children and their families in play development, gross motor and fine motor skill development, sensory processing, and social-emotional growth. Outside of work, Kelly is known as a 'chocoholic' and enjoys camping and traveling with her family and friends, going to the beach, playing basketball, and running.


Fontaine Portelli

Senior Dietitian

Fontaine developed an early interest in nutrition and the science behind food during a high school home economics class, going on to complete her Masters in Science in Dietetics at Victoria University. She gained extensive experience in a broad range of Dietetics working across the Public Hospital and Community Health settings. It was here she was drawn to working in the field of paediatrics. Fontaine enjoys working with families - empowering them to optimise their child's nutritional intake through dietary education and counselling. Fontaine has experience working with children of all ages and various health conditions as well as in specialised feeding clinics with her allied health colleges. After the arrival of her first child, Fontaine moved back to her hometown of Ocean Grove and after finding her feet as a Mum she joined the Dot To Dot team. Fontaine loves spending time at the beach and enjoys nothing more than exploring new coastlines on trips away with family or friends.

Diane Sari


Dian aspires to support families in developing positive relationship with foods and for them to have a greater understanding on the significant impact of nutrition in the children’s overall development and mood regulation. Her philosophy has always been about what you can add into the diet instead of what you can take out of it. Dian has an empathetic and warm nature, always eager to celebrate the little wins with the family. After she completed her Masters in Dietetics with Deakin University, she undertook further training with Royal Children’s Hospital in ‘Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics’ as well as Monash University ‘FODMAP and IBS Training for Dietitian’. Her main interests include mealtime behaviour management, fussy eating, faltering growth, food allergies/intolerances, introduction to solids and weight management. Outside of work, Dian is trying her best to be a good plant mum to her ever growing green collection, listening to podcasts (currently enjoying Maintenance Phase) and spending time at the local Fruit Shack.


Marnie Holden

Autism Assessments Only Clinical Psychologist

Marnie is a kind and understanding member of the Dot to Dot Autism Assessment team. Marnie is passionate about working with children and believes in providing therapy and assessments that are relevant to the specific needs of the child when considering their development, their family and their broader community. With a background in social welfare, school settings and NDIS funded organisations, Marnie has developed an ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds, exhibiting a range of complex needs. Marnie’s experience covers a range of issues impacting on typical development including neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD and ADHD, learning disabilities, trauma, grief and loss, health/rehabilitation impacts and mental health impacts such as depression and anxieties.

Lucia Bongiorno

Autism Assessments Only Paediatric Psychologist

Coming soon in 2024....

Administration / Therapy Assistance

Stacey Brighton

Practice Manager

Stacey grew up in Darwin and is a Cyclone Tracy survivor. Her family lost 2 homes being the one they were renting and their new house that they were due to move into on Boxing Day. She started as a Nurse at the age of 17. She worked for the Royal Darwin Hospital for 16 yrs and was the Bed Manager for 10 of those years. Next came a move to Queensland to own and manage a pet shop. That was fun. Then she moved for love to Murray Bridge SA, but when she kissed him he was still a toad. Stacey worked for Bridge Clinic for 10 years, going from Reception, Accounts, Administration and Supervisor. Finally she moved to Geelong Vic as her daughter is studying Psychology at Deakin University. Her son lives in Koroit and is 6”4” to her 5’4” and calls her “Stimpy”, cheeky bugga. She is hoping this is the last move and that working at Dot to Dot Early Intervention will be her last position and sees her through to retirement. In her free time she likes to create and make Quilts and sensory play mats. Her motto in life is to always follow the rainbow.

Helen Hiwale

Office Administrator

I’ve had over 15 years office administration experience over a range of fields from education to health. After taking a break from work to have a family I was lucky to get a role with Dot to Dot. I love meeting all the children and families and helping people with their queries. After work my time is spent with taking care of my family, cooking, or playing with the dog. On the weekends I love to go for long drives, shopping, trying new restaurants and making happy memories.

Hannah Harvey

Therapy Assistant / Marketing

Hannah is a university student planning to complete a Masters of Speech Pathology or Psychology. She loves her course and is excited to learn more as she continues this path. Hannah has worked as a disability support mentor for 4 years and is keen to expand on this work through study and working at Dot to Dot.​ Hannah loves to keep busy, so she fills her spare time with her passion for exercise, music, friends and family (including her 1.5-year-old 'bordoodle’ pup Ollie). She has a soft spot for ice cream, especially by the beach. ​ She is eager to work with children who have global development delays and long-term complex needs in their homes or at the Dot to Dot clinic.
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