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Group Programs

Dot to Dot offers incredible group programs, supporting children of all abilities.


See below what we have on offer for 2024!

Music Group

Running each term, our music group is designed and run by one of D2D’s Occupational Therapists!​


Supports: speech, language, sensory, motor development or socialising challenges to learn and engage in group activities through music.​


We also demonstrate and provide new evidence-based strategies each week. ​


For children to achieve the most from the program they should:

Enjoy music!

Be 1-6 years of age

Have social communication goals 

(NDIS Approved Program)

Fun with Food 

This is a dietitian led, small group food exploration program for children with limited dietary range.

This 1hr, weekly program runs for 8 weeks during term, including 2 weeks break! Our goal is to support both child and parent education!


“Fun With Food helps children to thrive in their journey to eat new foods, and allows for a space for parents to come and be supported by their peers”

Big Dots 

This school readiness program is ran by an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist and aims to support the transition to school by introducing and assisting with a huge range of school ready skills! 


Two hours each Wednesday, running Terms 3 & 4 (+ 2 weeks break)


Drop your child with a small snack for ‘recess’ and come back for pick-up time!


All resources are provided, and your child will even have a book to read each week!

Parent Training Programs

Parents are raving about our Hanen Programs! Run by skilled Speech Pathologists these intensive 12 week programs give parents techniques to help their child’s communication skills.

More than Words:

Children aged 1-6 who have trouble focusing on people. 

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Children aged 4-9 with social communication difficulties. 

It Takes Two to Talk:

Children aged 1-4 who are tuning into people but are not using language to communicate. 

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