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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology can support your child to improve on both speech and language skills, feeding, swallowing, and social communication. Speech and language delays and feeding difficulties can be linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cognitive delays or many other conditions/underlying causes. 

Working with children under 7 years of age is such an important and critical time to make changes and improvements in developmental areas such as communication which is why Early Intervention is so important. 

What You Need to Know About a Speech Pathologist for your Child

If you notice early on that your child might be developing at a slower rate than their peers, or if they are struggling to communicate properly, there may be an underlying cause. A Speech Pathologist will support you to further investigate the potential reasons for your child's delay as well as working with you to achieve your communication goals.  

It can be challenging to distinguish typical behaviour from a cause for concern, but trust your instincts and your child’s signs. You may choose to consult with your GP or Paediatrician who can guide you on how to proceed. As a parent, you will play a vital role in their outcomes so it is essential to understand what early intervention will involve.


  • The development of speech can have a significant impact on social and emotional development. Goals around social skills, making and maintaining friendships, coping with big feelings and being able to express emotions are common areas for Speech Pathologists to address. 

  • One of goals that a speech therapist will frequently identify and target with families is the pronunciation of sounds, sound errors are a sign of apraxia of speech. We will first determine how well your child can move their mouth and tongue and if they understand the sound. We can work in therapy to help them move the muscles responsible for the sound in the right way so that the sound can form properly. As a parent, you can help by repeating certain words and sounds at home.  

  • By age two, children should be able to vocalise basic sounds and annunciate them in a way that makes sense. If your child cannot, you might want to consider Speech Pathology input

  • Fluency. Along with sound errors and swallowing, stuttering is another area that we address during our speech pathology  and occupational therapy. We base most of our speech therapy on play as it is proven to be the most effective way for children to learn. 

We offer many ways for you and your child to receive speech pathology in Geelong with options for clinic visits, online sessions, or sessions at your home. Being at home with your child can sometimes provide the best environment for them to learn in as they are familiar with it and comfortable there.

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What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Speech Therapy Services 

We offer a few different treatment options depending on you and your child’s needs and preferences:


  • Speech pathology. We focus this aspect of our therapy on communication, which involves fluency, speech, language, and interaction with others. We improve day-to-day life for you and your child by teaching you ways to help them and understand them better through their way of communicating with you. Kids’ speech therapy is a strong option to help your child access traditional pathways and develop according to their age and societal expectations. We also address feeding and swallowing difficulties through sensory based approaches, creating a calm and enjoyable experience for your child. 

  • Occupation therapy. Your child will receive this therapy if they are having difficulties with daily activities such toileting, dressing themselves, eating, and sleeping. We help kids under six with injuries, disabilities, or illnesses to live a better life by improving the basic skills that they will need in their daily routines.

  • Music Groups. Music is not only good for the adult soul but also the perfect tool to use to help your child communicate and understand sounds through rhythm and dancing. We offer Music Moves, during which we teach kids how to regulate their bodies through music. In the Music Talks programme, we offer a group setting in which kids feel comfortable singing to develop their communication and social skills. This therapy works as powerfully as child speech therapy for some children because they feel more comfortable and confident expressing themselves through music.

  • Parent training programmes. As a parent, you play a critical role in the improvement of your child’s difficulty with language, communication, or social skills. You are with them at home and have ample opportunity to practice all that we have taught in therapy and reinforce better behaviour to address delayed language or communication development. Continuing the work from therapy is what will ultimately make the difference in both of your lives as you adapt to a new way of living and communicating.

  • Hanen programme. Sometimes, just knowing that you are not alone in facing challenges in life makes all the difference. Our Hanen programme includes therapy sessions with a child speech pathologist, orientation sessions, individual sessions with your child, and the essential benefit of group sessions with other parents. Here, you will receive the support of others going through the same process. You can learn from them and find children they can play with who will better understand them. 

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