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Sensory Processing Disorder Autism

Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism: Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology

Get a referral from your paediatrician before booking your Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism 

assessment to make use of a Medicare rebate. Our clinical psychologist and speech pathologist will do a comprehensive appraisal.

Problems Our Children's Therapy Services in Geelong Addresses

We will observe your child in their natural setting where they feel comfortable and discuss their situation with you, their caregiver, or teacher. 


  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms appear within the first three years, in diverse forms and shifting severity levels. Each person has their distinctive challenges, symptoms, and strengths. The disorder may include confined, repeated activities, interests, behaviours, or insufficient social interaction and communication. 

  • We employ the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), a standardised global developmental delay diagnosis tool, to identify ASD in young children. Our evaluation involves a semi-structured interview or a play session based on your child's age and communication level. 

  • Our therapists provide support to parents and will answer all your questions throughout the process. We provide feedback, a report, and intervention at a standard therapy rate

  • Our organisation is NDIS registered. We meet the high standards demanded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. You may be able to access the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan and claim for Allied Health Services for five speech pathology or occupational therapy sessions per calendar year. 


Obtain a CDM plan from your general practitioner if your child experiences a developmental problem such as gross or fine motor delay or language and speech delay - among others - that lasts longer than six months.  

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Related Services We Provide to Expressive Language Development

We assist children with several communication concerns such as social disconnection, language, fluency, and speech via daily routines and play. Other fields include feeding, dressing, toileting, playing, and sleeping. 


  • Signs of sensory processing disorder entail being over-sensitive to one or more sensory stimuli; a gagging reflex when encountering certain food textures, light being too bright, sounds too loud, negative responses when touched, and problems with balance. 

  • Our early intervention program involves the parent or caregiver to ensure behavioural support with the attention your little one requires to develop to their optimum level. Understand your child’s sensory needs and employ daily strategies designed to improve their regulation skills. 

  • Our Tiny Dots program for babies and toddlers under two years offers early intervention as part of a short-term, top-quality intervention program. Our therapists assess and provide referrals as needed. The earlier you start, the better the long-term results. 


You may wish to register for one of our music groups or a 12-week Hanen parent training program if your pre-schooler suffers from delayed language or social communication development.

About Dot to Dot Early Intervention

Whereas parents often prefer home visits, you can arrange for therapy sessions to take place at our clinic or via Telehealth. We gladly go where your child is, be it kindergarten or school. We take our therapy everywhere. 


Contact us with your questions or to make an appointment.

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