Tiny Dots

 Fast tracking early intervention because infants and toddlers have the right to therapy in their most important years!   

Tiny Dots Early Intervention is a not-for-profit charity born from Dot to Dot Early Intervention.

This service aims to fill a gap in services provided within the Geelong region f
or babies and toddlers who are unable to access therapy services until the child gains access to NDIS funding, or while potential developmental delays are more subtle. 

Tiny Dots services children aged 0-2 on a short term assessment and education basis while they await funding and ongoing therapeutic input. 

Tiny Dots is a charity and is therefore funded through donations and grants to remove financial barriers for families needing to access healthcare and support for the little people in their lives. 

About this service

We can assess the following:

- Communication 

- Gross Motor 

- Fine Motor 

- Feeding 

- Self Care 

- Social/Emotional development 

- Cognition 

- Sensory processing (like/dislike noises, movement) 

Involvement in this service will include an assessment from a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist who will then provide the outcomes and recommendations. They will then refer you to other appropriate services in the community if relevant. 

Once this is complete your child will either:

  1. Be offered monthly sessions for short term intervention

  2. Be offered x3 monthly monitoring sessions 

  3. Be discharged if your child does not require therapy or monitoring. 

This service gives parents an opportunity to understand their child's developmental capabilities and support them from an early age if necessary. 

Involvement includes:

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